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Brave Browser News is the category where you can discover the most interesting news about brave browser. Brendan Eich announced the Brave browser, an open-source pay-to-surf browser based on Chromium, in 2016. Brendan Eich is the inventor of JavaScript and a co-founder of the Mozilla project. The Brave browser claims to increase online privacy and include technology that blocks unwanted internet adverts and website trackers. The Brave browser may become a viable alternative to the present system of free content distribution, which is dependent on the collection of personal data in order to better targeted advertising. Brave claims to be twice as fast on desktop as Chrome and eight times quicker on mobile than Safari. Brave Payments is a service that compensates websites for lost income. Users may sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to the Brave browser for a certain sum of money. The Brave browser’s Bitcoin funds are converted into Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), a native cryptocurrency that may be given to websites visited by the user.

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