As Terra’s creator Do Kwon remains in detention in Montenegro, an attendee shared a picture of a Terra banner with the slogan “a decentralized economy requires decentralized money,” conspicuously displayed during Major League Baseball’s opening day.

Baseball fans went to Nationals Park in Washington D.C. for Major League Baseball (MLB) opening day, and the appearance of Terra – the crypto ecosystem that collapsed in May 2022 – did not go unnoticed.

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On March 30, a Twitter user who attended The Washington Nationals’ home opener against the Atlanta Braves posted a picture of Terra conspicuously featured on a poster with the phrase “a decentralized economy requires decentralized money.”

“This appears to be a reliable business. Will investigate,” a user remarked on Terra’s conspicuous location at the stadium.

Another Twitter user stated that The Terra Club, a VIP pre-game venue experience, is still located behind home plate at Nationals Park, as is “a big sign in left center” advertising Terra.

Terra and The Washington Nationals’ collaboration went into force in February 2022, just months before the collapse of its native token, LUNA, and stablecoin UST.

To seal the contract, the Terra community committed $38.2 million in UST over five years.

According to an unidentified criminal defense lawyer in a March 29 Protos report, the collaboration was suggested by Terra’s creator Do Kwon via the community’s governance platform. Do Kwon is presently in detention in Montenegro and will allegedly experience severe circumstances in the penal system, according to an unnamed criminal defense lawyer in a March 29 Protos report.

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It was observed that the circumstances in Montenegro’s jails and prisons “haven’t changed” since the State Department’s 2020 human rights assessment.

According to the report, in 2015, prison officials were guilty of torturing and “inflicting grievous bodily harm” on 11 prisoners.

The Washington Nationals were contacted for comment by Cointelegraph, but no answer was received by the time of publishing.

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