Dyma Budorin believes that if smart contract auditors assumed accountability for the code they evaluated, the crypto business would be substantially safer.

Web3 cybersecurity providers, according to CEO Dyma Budorin of smart contract auditing firm Hacken, are failing the crypto business, and “massive blind spots” in market procedures are influencing investor behavior.

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The absence of accountability and transparency in many providers’ audits, according to Budorin, falls short of reassuring users and projects.

Smart contract auditors now bear no responsibility if a token they audited is hacked due to a fault in the code. Surprisingly, the majority of the biggest hacks in 2022 happened on third-party-audited projects.

Budorin told on April 27 that this makes him concerned since it jeopardizes the Web3 cybersecurity industry’s growth trajectory, which is already lagging considerably behind non-crypto counterparts, according to a Hacken study.

Web3 auditors go deep into a token’s code to look for dangers of various severity. Other criteria such as the soundness of a company model, team experience, and others are not assessed in these audits.

“Auditors have a lot of duty,” according to Budorin, which is being overlooked because the money is pouring in and there is no public demand for better products. However, he believes that the services they give are insufficient, as he states:

There are no tests, accountability, or transparency in cryptocurrency ratings.

Even if a project required a more thorough audit, Web3 cybersecurity businesses would not be able to provide it since, according to Budorin, “today in Web3 cybersecurity, there are no organizations delivering recurrent audits” that occur regularly and go into greater detail about the project.

The best market practice right now is to acquire a token audit and leave it at that.

To show the perils of an industry without robust auditing procedures, Budorin used token bridges as an example. Wormhole and Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge were the victims of two of the greatest crypto breaches so far in 2022, with a total loss of $920 million.

While hindsight is always 20/20, a full scope audit of any of the bridges compromised this year, including Wormhole, Ronin Token Bridge, Qubit’s QBridge, and Meter’s Meter Passport, would very certainly have avoided tragedy.

Token bridges, in addition to obvious problems in the code, show how cybersecurity has “a significant number of blindspots” since “there is no way of knowing who is accountable for the keys, who mints new tokens, if the tokens are correctly bridged, and so on with no transparency,” according to Budorin.

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For the Web3 cybersecurity situation to truly evolve, Budorin believes that retail investors must play a role. More openness with solid information from credible sources, in his opinion, “needs a paradigm shift from crypto investors,” who often invest in hyped-up initiatives.

This trend might be prompted by more readily available data from comprehensive full-project audits that include the team, platform functioning, and other technical issues in addition to the token.

Currently, the data aggregators CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap are the go-to places for investors looking for project information. Budorin, on the other hand, claims that those systems are defective because “projects are altering their statistics” to display very high or extremely low market capitalizations. He believes that as auditors adapt to fill the negative space, this will alter.

Investors will begin to compare fundamentals rather than hype once there is more efficient information regarding the accountability of blockchain firms that issue tokens.


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