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Business News is the category where you can discover the most interesting news about businesses. When we talk about the role of Bitcoin (BTC) or blockchain in business, we’re referring to either new businesses that are developing blockchain/bitcoin systems, goods, or infrastructure, or current businesses that are integrating and using cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism. On two fronts, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency firms confront enormous challenges: regulation and acceptance. Many high-profile crypto firms, including some of the largest exchanges, have had to relocate operations across the nation or to other countries completely to avoid being severely hampered by legislative restrictions in some regions. At the same time, while entrepreneurs try to make crypto more accessible and attractive to businesses and laypeople alike, mainstream acceptance by individuals and established corporations is a difficult uphill struggle.

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The Bitcoin Lightning party in Portland

The Bitcoin Lightning party in Portland, Oregon, is an example of grassroots adoption in the United States

The Lightning Network is the right partner for payments, as proved by a grassroots Bitcoin Lightning festival in Portland, Oregon. According to Clay Graham, the creator of Rapaygo and a…