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United States News is the category where you can discover the most interesting news about United States. Since 1871, the United States has had the world’s greatest gross domestic output, making it a key role in the growth of trade, banking, and technology. Some of the industry’s most successful and long-standing crypto exchanges and other firms are based in the United States. Over a decade later, the role of Bitcoin (BTC) in the United States’ progression towards digital banking and trade remains a mystery, since cryptocurrency legislation in the United States remains uneven, foggy, or, at best, patchwork throughout the 50 states and territories.

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The Bitcoin Lightning party in Portland

The Bitcoin Lightning party in Portland, Oregon, is an example of grassroots adoption in the United States

The Lightning Network is the right partner for payments, as proved by a grassroots Bitcoin Lightning festival in Portland, Oregon. According to Clay Graham, the creator of Rapaygo and a…